Cross-Function Collaboration 跨部門合作

Cross-functional collaboration is a necessary part of modern business life, but many leaders and team members experience frustration and inefficiency due to the problems of cross-functional collaboration. Competing priorities must be balanced and integrated, partnerships must be built, and conflicts must be managed to avoid the internal friction and negative emotions that come from a strong “silo” culture that so many companies must deal with today.

The True Development Cross-Functional Collaboration Workshop provides solutions to these problems, trains participants in the mindset and skills needed for effective cross-team and cross-function collaboration, so that teams are able to work together effectively.
True Development的跨部門合作課程為這些問題提供了解決方案,訓練參與者用更好的心態和技巧來處理跨部門合作,從而使得整個團隊更有效的工作。


Program Objectives 課程目標

  • Understand the primary causes of ineffective cross-functional collaboration.
  • Experience a mindset shift in how they perceive cross-functional projects and tasks.
  • Be able to quickly build trust and create collaborative partnerships across functions to drive company success.
  • Possess the ability to overcome several types of internal resistance.


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